How to migrate an existing WordPress website

Open a free migration request

If you already have a website and want to migrate it to Closte, the whole process is simple and free of charge. Go to Sites->Add Site and select Migrate existing WordPress site. You will be redirected to the new page where you need to fill up the migration form.

free WordPress migration

Migration process

Step 1: DNS

If you are starting to use Google Cloud DNS, we will create new DNS zone in your account and if you provided us access to the current DNS hosting, we will clone all records otherwise you need to review the crawled DNS records and update the domain nameservers. Check how to Clone all existing DNS records and Change domain nameservers.

If you want to keep using current DNS provider, we will continue with the migration process and guide you at the end of the process about the required DNS changes.

Step 2: Backup

In most cases, we use WordPress backup plugins to backup your website and in rare cases, we may ask for FTP/Server access. The backup contains database and only wp-content folder. If you have any other important file or folder outside wp-content folder, let us know.

Step 3: Configuration & Compatibility

In this step, we try to make the best settings for hosting your website on Closte. Here are some general rules:

  • We disable any backup plugins because we have built-in server-side incremental backups.
  • We disable any security plugins because we have built-in server-side security.
  • We disable any other CDN/Proxy services.
  • We will use Litespeed for full page cache with the default settings.
  • We set up Google Cloud CDN, Object-Cache, and OPcache.
  • Tune the system power and some PHP values.
  • If we have a DNS control and the site is using HTTP, we will move it to HTTPS otherwise, you will need to request and install SSL certificate.

Post-migration using Google Cloud DNS

If you started to use Google Cloud DNS, we will set up everything as we have full control. The only thing you need to review it is the From email address prefix, the default one is contact.

You may need to wait for a few hours to preview the site from our services, known as DNS propagation.

Post-migration using third-party DNS

You need to configure a few things in this order as we do not have the DNS control.

  1. Update the DNS records
  2. Create and install a free SSL

After the DNS changes, you may need to wait a few hours for the DNS propagation.

Frequently asked questions

What option to select for “Sending only email” field

Google Cloud does not allow sending emails on standard SMTP ports, so there are few possible options to allow your site to send emails.

Should I start using Google Cloud DNS or keep my existing one

For better performance, uptime, support and platform compatibility we recommend Google Cloud DNS. However, you can keep using your current DNS provider and just update the DNS records pointing to the Closte services.

Will my site be offline?

No, there isn’t any downtime.

For how long the migration will be completed

In most cases, the migration process will start and be completed within 24h.

Can I preview the site without changing the DNS records or waiting for DNS propagation

Yes, check the following link: DNS propagation.

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