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The power of Google global infrastructure & Litespeed technologies for a price as shared hosting

Wordpress Cloud Hosting Powered by Google Cloud Platform & Litespeed Enterprise Web Server
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Pay-as-you-go pricing

unlike others, we provide real cloud hosting

We drastically reduce your upfront investments in favor of usage-based monthly fees.

Whether your traffic or resources grow or shrink, your hosting fees follow the same pattern, allowing for massive savings while scaling your WordPress is never an issue.

Closte pricing is same to how you pay for utilities like electricity or water and unlike anyone other, even for CPU & memory usage.

Cost-effective WordPress cloud hosting

Specially crafted only for WordPress

not a single missing feature


Always up to date, fully managed automated WordPress updates.


Secured by default, no plugins or third party services needed.


Make changes to your live site but push in production only when they are ready.


Built-in CDN and unlike others, we use enterprise one, Google Cloud CDN.


Built-in Litespeed cache, object cache, ESI & global distributed cache.


Never share passwords, your whole team in one single dashboard.

Speed Matters

Amaze your visitors, increase your SEO
Google Cloud Network Map

Google Cloud Platform

Industry-leading price/performance and future-proof infrastructure

Google Cloud CDN

World fastest content delivery using Google's global network

Litespeed Enterprise

Commercial web server specialized in WordPress caching and PHP processing

Google Cloud DNS

Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network

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