My first WordPress site

Deploying first WordPress site on a Closte platform is quite an easy and fully automated process. In this process, our system automatically provides a new website with all necessary features, including several Caching layers, Google Cloud CDN, Security & Automated Backups.

Deploy new WordPress site

Step 1

Go to Sites page and click on Add Site button. Select New WordPress site.

Step 2

  • Site name – Your own site label.
  • Region – Choice a closer geographic region for most of your visitors.
  • Domain – If you don`t have a domain or want to instantly preview the site, select Closte sub-domain otherwise select I have domain option.

Deploy new WordPress site

Step 3

In the final step, you need to fill up basic WordPress setup information.

  • Domain – This field is only visible if you have chosen I have domain option in step 2. If domain name starts with www or another prefix, make sure you fill fully qualified domain name ea., Using own domain name requires DNS changes.
  • Email – Email address of the WordPress Admin user.
  • Username – Username of the WordPress Admin user.
  • Password – Password for the WordPress Admin user.
  • Type – Single, Multisite WordPress or Subdomain Multisite WordPress.
  • Version – WordPress version, default to latest.

create new wordpress site step 3

Finally, Click Deploy and our system will deploy the website. This process may take up to 2 minutes. An automated email will be sent to your email address once the website is successfully created.

Post-deployment necessary steps

Use own domain

If you choose to use own domain name, you must make some DNS changes. For better performance, uptime, support and platform compatibility we recommend to start using Google Cloud DNS or you can keep using an existing DNS provider. In both cases, you need to update few DNS records values.

Development mode

You just deployed a brand new WordPress site and it is recommended to enable developing mode in Closte plugin.

Install SSL

It is highly recommended to use the HTTPS protocol for higher security, performance, user trust and compatibility with the latest browser technologies. Check the following link how to create & install free SSL.

Set up sending only email service

Closte provides sending only email service and If the website needs to send emails (e.g new WooCommerce order, contact forms), you need to set up an email service.

For typical email service used for sending and receiving, check the following guide.

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