Using third party email service


Google Cloud Platform does not allow sending emails via standard SMTP ports (25, 465, and 587) but you can use multiple email services for sending, for example, using Gmail Business as typical email service and another one just for sending, know as transaction email service. There are two possibilities, to use our built-in email service powered by Mailgun or another third-party email service. Use whatever is better for your use case, we do not recommend anything in the email industry except G Suite as your daily email service.

Using an email service via non-standard SMTP ports

Google Cloud does not allow sending emails via standard SMTP ports so your email service must allow sending emails via non-standard SMTP ports like 2525 or 2587. If you have service like this, all you need to do is to configure some WordPress SMTP plugin. Almost any well-known transaction email service support non-standard SMTP ports, here are few of them:

Using an email service via HTTP API

To bypass the Google Cloud SMTP limitation, you can use any other email plugin/service that works via API. Zoho mail is a typical email service, used for receiving and sending, it`s free and has a WordPress plugin that works via HTTP API.

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