Every WordPress site deserve the best of the world

No more packages, everything included

AutoWPInstallation, minor & major updates

BackupsAutomated incremental backups

Free SSLFree & custom SSL support

CDN80+ CDN locations

CachingFull page, ESI & object cache

RegionsUSA & EU regions

Features that developers need

Not a single missing developer feature


Make changes but push in production only when they are ready


The command line interface for managing WordPress.


Build software better, together with your teammates.

Transaction Email

Build-in transaction email for your site.


A protocol that provides a secure way to access your environment.


Dependency Manager for PHP.

Multiple PHP

PHP 5.6 or 7.0 of your choice.

Custom php.ini

Make PHP changes from the site dashboard.

Next level features

powerful dashboard with advanced tools


Never share passwords, all of your team & sites in one dashboard.

Advanced logging

WAF, PHP and CloudScanner logs inside your site dashboard.

Full Site Monitoring

Visitors, CPU, Memory, HTTP/S requests, Cache Hit and much more.

External Crons

One-click automated external crons jobs.


Global low-latency DNS for all your domains.

Async Emails

Under 100ms email delivery.

Disaster Backups

Automatically included, multi-regional backups.


A smart platform that tells you best practice and possible problems.

Real Time Cloud Scanner

We detect malware's before they are even written to disk.

Private Load-Balancer

Improve your network performance and distribute your cache.