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the full power of Google & Litespeed technologies

Litespeed Cache

The fastest WordPress caching plugin and it is improved on our platform.

PHP LSAPI ProcessGroup

The fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages, powered by Litespeed.

Managed OPcache & Object-Cache

Dramatically improves the PHP execution time and reduces the MySQL queries.

Requests per second (Higher is better)36632958738644Litespeed+LSCacheLitespeed+W3TCNginx+FCGIApache+WP-Rocket05001000150020002500300035004…4000

Google Cloud CDN

World fastest content delivery using Google’s global network with 90+ POP locations.

Google Cloud DNS

Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network.

Google Premium Network

With Premium Tier, you use the same network that delivers Google’s Search, Gmail or YouTube.

Latency (Lower is better)16262829Google Cloud CDNAmazon CloudFrontKeyCDNMaxCDN05101520253035

Google’s QUIC, the HTTP/3

Reducing the connection time by using Google next-generation protocol available at the origin servers and CDN.

Google’s Brotli compression

GZIP is good, but Brotli is just better for reducing assets size.

Distributed cache website is self-hosted in the us-central region but powered by our distributed cache. Accessing from New York, London or Sydney, the load time is the ~same.

Created with Highcharts 5.0.14Latency (Lower is better)7790Google PremiumOthers020406080100

Created with Highcharts 5.0.14Throughput (Higher is better)56313201Google PremiumOthers01k2k3k4k5k6k

Development Tools

not a single missing development tool


Access your environment via SSH or access the files via SFTP.


Build software better, together with your teammates.

Multiple & Custom PHP

Choose the site PHP version or change some PHP runtime variables.


Don`t get lost analyzing the logs files, use a web-based log viewer.


Web-based database administration tools and local tunneling.


Manage WordPress from the command-line without using a web browser.

Staging environment

stressless development

A staging site is a clone of your live website, temporarily hosted on Closte subdomain and enables you to test any changes or new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment. You can use the staging environment as a testing ground in order to prevent errors occurring on ‘live’ websites and have the ability to apply all the changes to the production site with just one click.

Fully featured

It`s fully featured, just like the production site including CDN and Backups.


It cannot be crawled by the robots regardless of your robots.txt file or you can even completely protect it.


When working on the staging site, the emails sent from WordPress are delivered to your private email address.

Multiple staging sites

You can have multiple staging sites and push from one to another staging site.

Custom push

Push only single or multiple files, just the database or just a database table.

Custom rules

100GB, 200GB site? Create a staging site only from the files accessed in last 7 days.

Live Debugging

still using ‘var_dump()’ for debugging?

Yes, that`s true.

You can debug a live website directly from your local development IDE.

That`s what we do when we are developing our Closte plugin.


Increase Your Productivity

developer, agency or large team?


no plugins or third party services need


Automated daily incremental backups, long-lived distributed backups & disaster backups.


Closte is a ‘closed network’ platform allowing only humans at a normal rate.


Web Application Firewall tuned for WordPress that blocks over 2M requests every 24 hours.


High efficient real-time malware detection protection tuned for WordPress.

WP Ultimo

when dreams become reality


The basics: Works automatically – no additional set-up required.

Free Wildcard SSL

Request & install free wildcard SSL and forget about browser SSL warnings.

Auto domain alias

Custom domains added by your clients are automatically added at the server level.

Increased power

Every WP Ultimo website has increased power quota.


Once your client updates the DNS records, our system will install an SSL certificate automatically.

End-client suggestion

Your clients can check the DNS requirements within WordPress, just like in Site->Domains.


complete overview under the hood

We give you a complete overview of every billable parameter and these charts can help you understand or improve your site just like we find it in one of our blog post or how we find badly coded WordPress plugins.

And yes, even our unique visitor’s statistics are different. Others are excluding all well-known robots but including all unknown robots as unique visitors or requests who just accessed a file e.g Hotlinking. Here is Closte definition of unique visitor: An unique IP address in 24 hours, accessing a page generated from WordPress using a human browser whatever it is Chrome or Dolphin Browser for Android.

Created with Highcharts 6.1.0Visitors08:0016:009. Jun08:0016:0010. Jun02004006008001000