Who we are

Closte is a very small team, but a large team doesn’t mean something can be made better, maybe in terms of design, marketing or presentation, but not in term of realizing the idea. We are more than 20 years into the IT industry, from Pascal to Closte at all stages, as developers, system administrators, owners of hosting companies, owners of websites or anything related to the IT technologies.

How Closte was born

Closte is a service made from three perspectives:

  1. We were just like you, we used or tried every well-known service but we never find something like we imagine and we have always been forced to upgrade the hosting plan, change the hosting provider, change the hosting type or simply just paying too much for something that we actually don’t use it.
  2. We personally don’t like many things on the internet, from scams, big marketing slogans, clickbait images and titles, SEO tricks, fake or paid reviews, views, ratings, comments, sharing pixels between “different” companies and 1000 more things…
  3. Our vision about what really cloud hosting is.

Summary of current problems that Closte solves:

  • Paying the full price of the package even if you don`t use the resources.
  • Requisite of more power by a single segment in a given time, for example, the memory, CPU, disk space, or a number of sites means a slow or offline site, upgrading the package, changing the provider or changing the hosting type.
  • There’s no easy way to make many tasks like moving to HTTPS, changing a primary domain or get high-end all-inclusive security or performance features.

Our vision in the next 10 years

Today Cloud services do not have pay-as-you-go for CPU or memory usage or live resizing of a server. Google Cloud has a technology to live migrate an instance to a totally different psychical server without downtime or interruptions even memory speed is calculated in nano-seconds. We believe they or someone other can make something different and If that happens, welcome to the totally new ERA of providing Cloud services.

Meanwhile, on the internet, we can find questions like “Why don’t cloud providers charge based on actual CPU usage rather than instance hours“, and answers like:

We fully agree with you, Ed Byrne!

Closte, LLC 
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