Scope of Support

General information

We guarantee to provide help for inquiries related to our hosting platform and our custom features. This includes everything that is part of our hosting software and hardware. Everything outside these services does not fall within our support. We use ticked based system to provide you a support with 1 hour average response time, 24 hours max response time.

Issues related to web design, web development and similar, are not supported. These kind of tasks are not only complex but also have many specifics and technicalities which cannot be covered by our regular support. Simply said, you still need a developer and if you use our tools in the right way, you can reduce the issues by 99%. Take a note that Closte is so different compared to any other managed WordPress cloud provider, does not have typical hosting issues and is made to solve real-life problems based on our 20+ IT experience.

In situations when you need help with third-party plugins (including Litespeed cache), themes or similar, we recommend you contact the particular providers. They will be better placed to address your needs.

On the other hand, websites that do not comply with our compatibility rules are not subject to any support, except what they are doing wrong.

Example questions covered by our support

  1. Why “Create a staging site” task is failing?
  2. Some of my links got replaced with a CDN URL.
  3. Can you migrate my local development website?

Example questions not covered by our support

  1. My homepage is a white screen.
  2. I`m getting a 500 HTTP error.
  3. Can you give me suggestions on how to improve the performance?
  4. Can you tell me which DNS records I don`t need?
  5. Can you set up a custom cron job, I`m not familiar with SSH/crontab?
  6. Should I use built-in WordPress cron or external cron?

Litespeed support

You can report as well get more support about some issue related to Litespeed Cache plugin for WordPress on the following links:

Paid WordPress support

Paid WordPress support is planned but no ETA.

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