How many websites can I have?

There is no limit; we are only using quotas to prevent abuse of the service.

How to migrate an existing site?

Just open a free migration request, we will take care of everything else.

How does Closte billing works?

Closte pricing is same as to how you pay for utilities like electricity or water and unlike anyone other, even for CPU & memory usage. It is the fairest billing method for both, us and you. Learn more at the following link.

Which payment methods are available?

We accept most popular credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

What kind of support do we provide?

We provide ticket based support for our services with 1 hour average response time. Learn more about our scope of support.

What is Closte SLA?

Closte SLA is 99.95%.

Do you offer email service?

We provide sending only email service for your WordPress site. If you need typical email service for sending and receiving, we recommend Google`s G Suite a.k.a Gmail Business.

In which geographic region can I host my site?

When deploying a new site, you can choose one of the 5 different continents. Each continent may have multiple locations.

Can I deploy a site in the US and another one in EU?

Yes, each site can be deployed in the different region.

Are there any limits?

We use quotas to limit the resources or prevent abuse of the service. The only hard limits are for CPU and memory that can be increased to some point, while other limits are automatically resizeable ( eg. disk space), unlimited (e.g bandwidth) or manually increased (e.g number of sites).

How small or large site I can host on Closte?

99,9% of the sites can be hosted on our platform but if you are coming from a custom or high-end enterprise solution ($1000+), contact us.

Why managed WordPress hosting is better compared to a standard one?

Standard hosting providers are generic, based on Cpanel or Plesk control panels, made to works fine regardless of the site type.  Our system is fully custom made especially tuned only for WordPress which contributes to having faster, more secure, automated and feature-rich hosting.

It is the same question if we compare Ford vs. Rolls Royce. They are both cars, have tires & steering wheel but are so much different in every segment.

Why is Closte a better solution compared to other managed WordPress cloud hostings?

Check out our homepage, features, pricing, about us page and also try Closte as is fully free for 7 days. If you do not get the difference, then we cannot describe it better with sentences.

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