How our billing works

General information

Our billing works very similarly as nowadays cloud services but we also have pay-as-you-go for the CPU and memory usage. With Closte you pay only for the individual resources you need, for as long as you use them without requiring long-term contracts. Closte pricing is similar to how you pay for utilities like water and electricity. You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

We aggregate the usage of all parameters and charge your account based on the used values. To check the current or last month usage, go to Billing->Usage Report page or Site->Usage Report to see the per-site usage. Here is the list of all billable parameters:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • HTTP requests
  • CDN invalidations
  • Custom CDN hostname
  • CloudSnap
  • Sent email
  • DNS zone

Prices are rounded to two decimals.

Billable parameters


CPU HPI (hertz per interval) is billed 0.15$ per 1000 units. CPU usage includes:

  • The typical CPU usage by PHP & MySQL
  • Any other process running under the user environment e.g SSH, SFTP, crons.


Memory MPI (memory per interval) is billed 0.003$ per 1000 units. Memory usage includes:

  • Typical memory usage by PHP
  • Database
  • Any other process running under the user environment e.g SSH, SFTP, crons.


The disk usage unit is calculated per GB disk usage used in an hour. In a 730 hours month, 1GB costs ~$0.73 (730 * $0.001 per hour). Disk usage includes:

  • Typical disk usage by the website itself
  • Backups, logs, and few other system-related files
  • Any other file under the user environment e.g files uploaded via SFTP outside public_html folder


Incoming bandwidth is free of charge while outgoing bandwidth usage is calculated per GB separated by type and region.

  • Worldwide Destinations – $0.11
  • Australia – $0.22
  • China – $0.18
  • CDN North America – $0.08
  • CDN Europe – $0.08
  • CDN Asia Pacific – $0.09
  • CDN Australia – $0.11
  • CDN China – $0.20
  • CDN All other destinations – $0.09
  • CDN Cache-To-Cache – $0.08


  • Disk usage is calculated per GB used in an hour. In a 730 hours month, 1GB costs ~$1 (730 * $0.0014 per hour).
  • In-bandwdith (create a CloudSnap) – $0.2 per GB.
  • Out-bandwidth (deploy from CloudSnap or download)- $0.2 per GB.

HTTP requests

HTTP requests are billed 0.008$ per 10000 requests, separated by four billable parameters, HTTP Origin, HTTPS Origin, HTTP CDN & HTTPS CDN.

CDN invalidations

CDN invalidations are billed 0.01$ per invalidation.

Custom CDN hostname

The custom CDN hostname feature is billed $0.02 per hour.

Sent email

Sending-only email service is billed 0.002$ per sent email.

DNS zone

DNS zones are billed $0.0014 per hour.


Per-site vs account charge

Take a note that in most cases per-site usage will be large compared to your account usage. For example, one site used 100MB bandwidth billed as one GB and another site used 250MB billed as one GB but actually your account used 350MB billed as one GB.

I just sign in and was charged a lot for one hour

One byte and 900MB of bandwidth are billed the same as one GB. Give our billing at least 7 days to warm up.

Do I pay for every request?

Yes, you are paying for every request hitting your website environment regardless if it is a real visitor, hack attempt or search-engine crawler. Take note that DoS/DDoS blocked requests do not hit any website environment and are free of charge.

Can I block some bandwidth region?

No, even if you block it via some plugin, the request will still come to our services and will still use bandwidth (Response size, Response headers etc).

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