Pay-as-you-go billing

you start from $0 and pay as you use our platform

Cost effective, flexible WordPress hosting for this viral era

Pricing innovation, built to let you do more with less. Our customer-friendly pricing is guaranteed lower compared to other managed WordPress cloud providers.Try Closte Now

Real life examples - US datacenter

  • 2GB Content
  • 18,000 Visitors
  • 14GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN & SSL
As Low as
$8monthly - EU datacenter

  • 1GB Content
  • 45,000 Visitors
  • 53GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN, Email & SSL
As Low as
$22monthly - EU datacenter

  • 42GB Content
  • 1,200,000 Visitors
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN & SSL
As Low as

WordPress Development Company

  • 68 Sites
  • 157GB Content
  • 3,000,000 Visitors
  • 2,2TB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN, Email & SSL
As Low as


CPU0.15$ per 1000 HPI
Memory0.003$ per 1000 MPI
Disk0.7$ per GB per month (billed hourly)
Bandwidth Worldwide Destinations0.11$ per GB
Bandwidth Australia0.18$ per GB
Bandwidth China0.22$ per GB
HTTP Origin Requests0.008$ per 10000 requests
HTTPS Origin Requests0.008$ per 10000 requests
CDN & Load BalancingPrice
North America0.08$ per GB
Europe0.08$ per GB
Asia Pacific0.09$ per GB
Australia0.11$ per GB
China0.2$ per GB
All other destinations0.09$ per GB
CDN Cache Invalidation0.01$ per invalidation
HTTP CDN CL Requests0.008$ per 10000 requests
HTTPS CDN CL Requests0.008$ per 10000 requests
Cache-To-Cache Fill0.08$ per GB
Load Balancer50$ per month (billed hourly)
Data Processed for Load Balancing0.008$ per GB
Sent email0.002$ per email
Ticket SupportIncluded
DNS1$ per zone per month (billed hourly)
Migration 1-3 daysFree
Migration 24 hours50$
LetsEncrypt SSLFree

Extreme large app based on WordPress?

99.9% of the WordPress sites can be hosted on our "Pay-as-you-go" billing model, but we also have the solution for the rest 0.1%. Contact us for a custom enterprise solution.

Some of your Questions:

Q. Can I start for free?

Absolutely!, No credit card is required. You can deploy a WordPress site in development mode totally for free, including third party services like CDN, DNS, SSL, and Email.

Q. Is WordPress multisite supported?

Yes, you can install WordPress multisite, whether it is a subdomain or subdirectory type.

Q. My site is very small, can I host it?

Of course, our platform is built for any size of a WordPress site. We already host many small sites for as little as $3-5$ per month.

Q. How does pay-as-you-go work?

We collect and aggregate your usage by segments (e.g., CPU, Memory, Bandwidth) and then you pay for each as you used. If all of your sites used 37.5GB North America CDN, we would charge you 37.5 * 0.08 = $3.

Q. Do you provide email hosting?

Currently, we only provide "sending only" email service for your WordPress site. If you need to a send/receive email service, we recommend Gmail Business.

Q. My site has multi-million monthly visitors, can I host it?

Yes, we already host sites with multi-million monthly visitors, but if you have built some custom application based on WordPress that requires having a lot of dynamic processing, please contact us.