every WordPress site requires a different power

Cost effective, flexible WordPress hosting for this dynamic era

Pricing innovation, built to let you do more with less. Our customer-friendly pricing are guaranteed lower compared to other managed WordPress cloud providers. Start for Free

  • 2GB Content
  • 18,000 Visitors
  • 14GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN & SSL
As Low as

  • 1GB Content
  • 45,000 Visitors
  • 53GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN, Email & SSL
As Low as

  • 42GB Content
  • 1,200,000 Visitors
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN & SSL
As Low as

WordPress Development Company

  • 68 Sites
  • 157GB Content
  • 3,400,000 Visitors
  • 2,4TB Bandwidth
  • DNS, CDN, Email & SSL
As Low as
Power Price
CPU 0.114$ per 1000 HPI
Memory 0.0028$ per 10000 MPI
Disk 0.7$ per GB per month (billed hourly)
Bandwidth Price
Bandwidth Worldwide Destinations 0.11$ per GB
Bandwidth Australia 0.18$ per GB
Bandwidth China 0.22$ per GB
HTTP Origin Requests 0.008$ per 10000 requests
HTTPS Origin Requests 0.008$ per 10000 requests
CDN & Load Balancing Price
North America 0.08$ per GB
Europe 0.08$ per GB
Asia Pacific 0.09$ per GB
Australia 0.11$ per GB
China 0.2$ per GB
All other destinations 0.09$ per GB
CDN Cache Invalidation 0.01$ per invalidation
HTTP CDN CL Requests 0.008 per 10000 requests
HTTPS CDN CL Requests 0.008 per 10000 requests
Cache-To-Cache Fill 0.08$ per GB
Load Balancer 50$ per month (billed hourly)
Data Processed for Load Balancing 0.008$ per GB
Email Price
Sent email 0.001$ per email
Support Price
Platform Support included
WordPress Support included
Other Price
Domain Registration starting from 6$ per year
DNS 1$ per zone per month (billed hourly)
Migration 1-3 days Free
Migration 24 hours 50$
LetsEncrypt SSL Free

Extreme large app based on WordPress?

99.9% of the WordPress sites can be hosted on our "Pay-as-you-go" billing model, but we also have the solution for the rest 0.1%. Contact us for a custom enterprise solution.

Some of your Questions:

Q. Can i start for free?

Yes, no credit card is required. You can deploy a WordPress site in development mode totally for free, including third party services like CDN, DNS, SSL, and Email.

Q. What is the difference between bundled plans and pay-as-you-go?

Bundled plans include all Power, Bandwidth & CDN usage for free but are limited by a number of unique visitors. Pay-as-you-go model does not have limitations but you are paying as you use our platform. If your site can fit in one of the plans and your want simple billing, go with a plan, otherwise, go with pay-as-you-go.

Q. How plans are billed?

We calculate your usage every hour and bills you exactly how many hours you have used an plan. You can use 'Startup' plan for 15 days (360 hours) and then upgrade to 'Personal' plan. We will bill you 360 hours for 'Startup' plan and rest for 'Personal' plan.

Q. Can i change billing type from plan to pay-as-you-go or vice versa?

You can change your billing method from plan to pay-as-you-go, but not from pay-as-you-go to plan.

Q. Is WordPress multisite supported or is there any multi site plan?

You can install standard or multisite WordPress on all our bundled plans, but for multiple sites use our pay-as-you-go billing model.

Q. How pay-as-you-go work?

We collect and aggregate your usage by segments (e.g CPU, Memory, Bandwidth) and then you pay for each segment as you used. If all your sites used 37.5GB North America CDN, we will charge you 37.5 * 0.08 = $3.

Q. What happens when i exceed visitor quota on plan?

We charge you 1$ for every 1000 additional visitors. If you need more visitors, upgrade your plan or switch to pay-as-you-go billing model.

Q. What is included in bunled plan?

Bundled plans include all Power, Bandwidth & CDN pricing. Check our pricing page for other services like DNS or Email.

Q. Can i change plan?

Yes, anytime you can simply upgrade your plan, but downgrades are not possible.